Past Events

Blue Stockings Week 2012

6th – 10th August 2012 | East Coast

13th – 17th August | West Coast

FAN is taking part in the Blue Stockings Week celebrations for 2012. For more details about the national campaign, check out the  NUS Women’s Officer’s blog here.

FAN on the Oak: Blue Stockings Week Edition

Tuesday, 14th August, 12pm – 2pm | Oak Lawn, UWA

We will have copies of our inaugural Blue Stockings zine, full of great pieces about the importance of feminism on campus and some of our favourite blog posts from last semester, as well as Blue Stockings cupcakes on sale for a gold coin donation!

We also will have several books on display as choices for our second semester book club – more details to come!

Check out the Facebook event page here.

Panel Discussion: ‘Feminism ain’t what it use to be…’

Friday, 17th August, 12:15pm | Woolnough Lecture Theatre, UWA

The NTEU will present a Blue Stockings Week Panel Discussion: “Feminism ain’t what it used to be…”

Featuring panellists Winthrop Professor Philippa Maddern, Assistant Professor Chantal Bourgoult Du Coudray, Feminist Action Network spokeswoman Zoe Bush and comedian Laura Davis.

Join FAN and NTEU members in celebrating the contribution of women in higher education during Blue Stockings Week with this thought provoking panel on the current state of feminism, the challenges we face and the exciting possibilities of today’s feminism

Check out the Facebook event page here.

End of Semester Drinks & Dinner

Monday, 18th June 2012 | 7:30pm | The Garden, Leederville

Lets have dinner and drinks to celebrate the end of what has been a great semester for feminist discussion and activism at UWA.

Join us to discuss where the campaign should go from here and help plan the UWA student campaign for Bluestockings Week (13th – 17th August).

As always, all are welcome, and we look forward to seeing you there!

FAN on the Oak

Tuesday, 22nd May 2012 | 1pm | Oak Lawn, UWA

Stop by our stall and meet the Feminist Action Network. We’ll have t-shirts for sales, books to borrow and some merchandise to give away. Have your photo taken with our whiteboard and tell us:

“Why do you need feminism?”
“What does feminism mean to you?” or
“What would you like the Feminist Action Network to take up?”

T-shirts are $20 or an optional $24 solidarity price for men to account for the gender pay gap.

Women’s Rights Today

FAN member Zoe Bush will be speaking at a forum, hosted by Perth Resistance.

Wednesday, 30th May 2012 | 6:30pm – 8:30pm | Perth Activist Center, 15/5 Aberdeen Street, East Perth

Zoe will discuss rape culture on campus with reference to recent events at the University of Western Australia.

Other guest speakers include:

Bec Copestake (prostitution legislation)

Kamala Emanuel (reproductive rights)

Sanna Andrews (equal pay victory)

Why the Proposed ‘Foetal Homicide’ Laws Threaten Abortion Rights: The need for a Woman-Centered Alternative

Thursday, 3rd May 2012 | 1pm-2pm | Blakers Lecture Theatre, UWA


FAN is hosting a forum to discuss the proposed ‘foetal homicide’ laws recently announced by the WA state government.

Speakers, include women’s health doctor Kamala Emanuel, Dr Judith Nash from the Patricia Giles Centre and law professor Meredith Blake. Our speakers will offer their perspective on whether the  proposed laws will threaten abortion rights for WA women. We hope there will also be time for discussion about other ways to respond to domestic violence faced by pregnant women.

Not to be missed, the forum promises to be an essential source of information for anyone who supports women’s right to choose.

For more information on the proposed laws, see the article written by FAN member Zoe Bush.

Misogyny Re-loaded: Fascist Pornography and the New Sexism

Thursday, 8th June 2012 | 1pm-2pm | Webb Lecture Theatre, UWA 

A special forum to mark international women’s day with special guest speaker Abigail Bray – feminist academic, activist and co-editor of Big Porn Inc.


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